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Closed Caption Display Systems
Closed Caption Display Systems
Closed Caption Display Systems
Closed Caption Display Systems
Closed Caption Display Systems

Closed Caption Display Systems

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Our remote captioning systems are complete, ready-to-run, closed caption display boards.

All our Caption Display Systems work by extracting the closed caption (Line 21) encoding from the video signal and displaying it to a high density LED display. The systems will present all ASCII characters from television, video tape, video disc, cable or off-air sources. This leaves the video picture free of the captioning information for improved visibility and unobstructed viewing. These systems are used in a variety of environments where it is more convenient to have the closed captioning displayed outside of the normal on-screen viewing area.

There are many such situations where remote closed captioning is helpful. These include:

  • Noisy or crowded environments.
  • Quiet environments.
  • Large spaces like museums, theaters and convention halls, information kiosks, churches, trade shows, airports and exhibitions hotels.
  • Multiple language presentations.
  • Many other situations.

Depending on your requirements, Compusult has five models of the Closed Caption Display System available. All are complete, ready-to-run, remote systems. The varying feature is the size of the character height that determines the maximum viewing distance from the units.

All units are an ideal solution for the deaf and hearing impaired persons, as well as noisy or very quiet settings such as museums, trade shows, airports, churches, exhibitions or hotels. The systems can be wall or table mounted which makes installation a breeze. The CD-1500, CD-2000 and CD-2400 are fully assembled desktop closed caption display systems. 

We also design and build custom systems. Call us toll-free at: 1-888-745-7914 with your requirements.

Please note:

The CD-3000 & CD-4000 models are modular(4 pieces) and require on-site assembly. Wall mounting accessories are billed separately. In addition, on-site installation and training is also available for purchase separately. Please contact us with your requirements and request a quote today for these additional services.